At DiwaliRummy, online Rummy – the skill games is for fun & excitement in an understandable and trust-worthy environment. As part of this we are committed to protecting the privacy of our users. The Privacy Policy statement explains what information we collect from our members and users & how we use the information, we require the users to register with us in order to access the games both practice & cash games. Personal Information of the User is information that identifies the User to DiwaliRummy, as an individual, for this we collect the following:

If you do not provide the required information you may not be able to access the features we provide. Such information is not associated with your personal information and cannot be linked to you personally. DiwaliRummy is the sole owner of the information collected on this site & the above information will be only for internal use, to avoid fraud detection or trend analysis. We will not sell, share, or rent this information to others or use in ways different from what is disclosed in this statement.

Consent to the use of Sensitive Personal Data and Other Personal Information

All users of DiwaliRummy consent to the use of their Sensitive Personal Data and Other Personal Information by DiwaliRummy for the purposes stated in this policy. We restrict access to personal user information to our employees, contractors and agents and only allow access to those who need to know such information in order to process it on our behalf.

Users are entitled to withdraw consent to the use of their Sensitive Personal Data or Other Personal Information by emailing a specific request to Withdrawal of consent to use all or any part of Sensitive Personal Data and Other Personal Information may result in immediate withdrawal of any right provided to the user to use the services provided by DiwaliRummy. Withdrawal of consent by users shall not restrict the right of DiwaliRummy to use Other Personal Information for the analysis of user data, subject to the condition that the Other Personal Information used in such analysis is not personally identifiable to any individual user
Users’ providing photographs to DiwaliRummy for marketing purposes gives DiwaliRummy irrevocable rights to use them and it is solely DiwaliRummy's discretion to delete or not use them any further.

DiwaliRummy may also use software applications for Website traffic analysis and to gather statistics, used for advertising and for determining the efficacy and popularity of DiwaliRummy and other such purposes.

A cookie is a small text file that uniquely identifies your browser.
You understand that when you visit the Website, cookies may be left in your computer. The cookies assigned by the servers of DiwaliRummy may be used to personalize your experience on the Website. Additionally, cookies may also be used for authentication, game management, data analysis and security purposes.

Cookies may also be assigned by the advertisers of DiwaliRummy when you click on any of the advertisements, which may be displayed on any website, in which case such cookies are controlled by these advertisers and not DiwaliRummy.

When you register your email address with DiwaliRummy, you agree to receive email communication from DiwaliRummy, entities specifically authorized by DiwaliRummy, and other users. You also agree and acknowledge that when you use our referral program for referring someone, DiwaliRummy may send emails to the person referred by you on your behalf and the email headers will carry your email address as the address from which such emails are sent.

DiwaliRummy may also access and store such information relating to your contacts to send invitations and other promotions to them periodically.

Any telephonic communication between you and our Customer Support staff may be recorded for the purposes of employee training and quality management, as well as the speedy resolution of your queries.

Data Security

We take appropriate security measures to protect user data from unauthorized access and its unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction. These measures include internal reviews of our data collection, storage and processing practices and security measures, including appropriate encryption and physical security measures to guard against unauthorized access to systems where we store users’ personal data. DiwaliRummy has a comprehensive information security program and information security policies that contain managerial, technical, operational and physical security control measures adopted by DiwaliRummy for the protection of Sensitive Personal Data and Other Personal Information.

Information gathered by DiwaliRummy is stored securely using several information security applications including firewalls. However, security is always relative and DiwaliRummy cannot guarantee that its security measures are absolute and cannot be breached. Data transmitted over the Internet is inherently exposed to security risks or threats. For instance, the security of information transmitted via chat or email might be compromised and such information may be used by others. Therefore, DiwaliRummy cannot guarantee any security for such information in the course of transmission through the internet infrastructure or any unsolicited disclosures made by any users using the services of the Website.

When you register with DiwaliRummy, your account is protected by means of login information, including a username and a password, which is known only to you. Therefore, you should not provide your personal information to anyone whosoever: breach hereof constitutes violation of this Policy and may result in closure of your account in certain cases. If you become aware of or reasonably suspect any breach of security, including compromise of your login information, it is your responsibility to immediately notify DiwaliRummy.

The Website may contain links to other websites. Such websites are governed by their own privacy policies, and DiwaliRummy does not exercise any control over them. It is your responsibility to read and understand the privacy policy of such websites when you visit them following links provided on the Website. You are advised to exercise caution in sharing any personal information with any third party that advertises on the Website: DiwaliRummy shall not be responsible for the information provided by you on or to third party websites.

DiwaliRummy has a policy of not sharing any personally identifiable information with anyone other than the entities specifically authorized by DiwaliRummy, which may include advertisers and sponsors of DiwaliRummy. However, DiwaliRummy may use information like your name, photo, login ID and the state from where you are participating when announcing the results of any contests hosted on the Website. Such contests are further governed by terms and conditions, which shall be available on the Website as and when such contests are hosted on the Website. DiwaliRummy conducts periodic analysis and survey of the traffic to for market research and advertising purposes. DiwaliRummy reserves the right to share your registration information with DiwaliRummy-appointed market research and advertising companies or firms from time to time for the said purposes. DiwaliRummy may also use cumulative non-personal information for auditing and analysis purposes with the aim of improving its services.


DiwaliRummy may share Sensitive Personal Data and Other Personal Information if sharing of such information is necessary

DiwaliRummy confirms that this Privacy Policy is only a description of its operation regarding user information. This Privacy Policy is not intended to create, and does not create, any legal rights in your favor or in favor of any other person. DiwaliRummy reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without giving you prior notice. The liability of DiwaliRummy shall be limited to the removal of Sensitive Personal Data from the system of the Website and the removal of personally identifiable elements of the Other Personal Information. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Policy and elsewhere, the aggregate liability of DiwaliRummy for all claims for damages pursuant to the provisions of services on the Website, including claims in respect to the violation of this Policy, shall be limited to the aggregate maximum amount of liability as provided in the Terms of Service. Your continued use of the Website constitutes your agreement to this Privacy Policy and any amendments thereof.

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the laws of India.  All disputes, claims, causes relating to and arising out of this Privacy Policy shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts at Bangalore, Karnataka

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